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Clutch system News

Clutch system failure
Views:  Update Date: Jul 24,2022

Clutch system failure
Clutch System Failure

If you have a problem with your clutch system, there are usually several main reasons. This is the main problem that usually occurs.

The number one cause of clutch system failure is friction material wear. Eventually, you'll get metal-to-metal contact. While it will cause the gears to slow down, it will damage the bearings and gearbox cover.

It's also possible that the release bearing can't get close to the gearbox to squeeze the disc, resulting in the clutch system not slowing the gearbox shaft because there's no friction.

The most common cause of clutch system failure is pressing the clutch pedal all the way down when shifting gears while the truck is moving. When this happens, you force the clutch system to try to stall the engine and slow/stop the truck.

The clutch system can be damaged or destroyed in just one shot. You could also damage the pedal linkage and transmission.

If you keep the pedal linkage properly adjusted and lubricate the release bearing and clutch disc, the disc will last a long time.